Aristo bnb

About the company

A few words about the inspirer of the idea, Aristotle Papametzelopoulos



Growing up in a small provincial town in West Corinth, he studied political science at the National Kapodistrian University of Athens and later International Business Administration at the University of East London very early on he came into contact with tourism and hotels. 

Self-employed seasonally at Alissachni Luxury Apartments in Derveni, Corinth and later in Mykonos as… manager, setting up a five-star boutique hotel that was crowned with success from the very beginning. and back of the earth came the idea of ​​the accommodation management company.

The experience

The goal

The goal is on the one hand the satisfaction of the needs, any needs of the Greek or foreign tourist, the utilization of properties whose owners do not have the opportunity to deal with them, but at the same time the promotion of our place as a tourist destination while giving a breath of economic breath to a beautiful but a raw tourist area, Western Corinth, but not limited to the narrow borders and borders of a prefecture. What the amateur does well, the professional does perfectly. What you do well, we do it perfectly!

We are constantly looking for solutions

We strive daily for the best possible result for you and your business.

We see each project separately

We study each business and accommodation separately, aiming for the best possible result for everyone.

Step by step towards success

We proceed with steady and upward steps in every phase of the process for your accommodation.

We create relationships of trust

Our goal is long-term and stable collaborations, as well as the human factor behind every professional relationship.

Your dream, our mission!

With every professionalism

We listen to each customer individually and adapt to their own needs. Our vision is to build a relationship of trust with them and to create together, the next step for them and their business.

What plan do you have for your accommodation?